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Hello! Welcome to my website and my new blog. In fact welcome to my new venture. I have decided that this is finally the time in my life when I do what I've always said I would do: I'm going to work as a writer and proofreader.

Of course this is just the start, or rather the "new" start. You see I have written for various publications in the past but, although it was what I wanted to do, I never managed to turn it into my full-time career. I had other jobs instead which always seemed to take priority - administrator, waitress (I was a terrible one!), shop girl and, most recently, music teacher. My career in music education has been a big part of my life - 11 years and counting! I absolutely love music and feel very passionate about its importance in all of our lives, even in these uncertain times where music has really suffered, and is continuing to suffer.

So what prompted this new venture after all these years of procrastination? Two words. My son. My little boy was born last year and it was in those last few months of pregnancy, and those first few months of new motherhood, that I realised I couldn't work in the way that I had before. In the past late nights and 10-hour days were the norm for me, but I knew I didn't want that anymore, for him or for me. It also felt like it was time to finally follow my dreams, I felt changed as a mum and ready to take on the world.

I didn't want to stop working in music as I enjoy it. So I went back to work part-time and began to look into writing opportunities. I set up a blog - - which I based around my experiences of being a new mum. This allowed me to make sense of my new life whilst honing my writing skills.

Then Covid-19 hit the world and the music landscape changed overnight. I still worked remotely but I realised that it really was time to pursue my writing options. I decided to undertake an online course in proofreading and editing, which would gain me a diploma and a professional qualification. I absolutely loved the course and got a distinction, which I was delighted with.

A few months later and here I am! A new website and, more importantly, a new outlook. I'm looking forward to where my new venture will take me.


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